Hey there, friend. Welcome to the brand new site! Whether you’re checking out my website for the first time or you’ve been here before the big revamp, what’s in the past stays in the past. That makes me sound like I have a shady history (I don’t, I’m the biggest square) but it’s the truth! Go ahead and look around. Free admission, I promise. There’s a new about page if you want to read a little somethin’ somethin’ about me, a place to listen to music, watch videos, read what the cool kids are into (i.e. Me. Just kidding. I’m not cool), and the creative services I provide if your project is in need of something spectacular. Because we are new though, there are still some wrinkles that need ironing out so please feel free to let me know if there are any bugs that need my attention! Bugs give me the heebee jeebees; the real life kind. The online kind, I will bravely face those just for you. Or if you’re too shy, trust that I’ll get it fixed up as soon as humanly possible.

Until then, stay bold and beautifully weird, folks.

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