RAW and UNEDITED: Improvisation (New YouTube Series)

Playing piano in public terrifies me. I've never gotten over that fear. With nearly twenty-seven years under my belt as I'm writing this post, you'd think I would've gotten over it by now but, in reality, I think it's that level of experience that has kept that part of me in the dark for so long. I'm terrified of what people might say because I'm already my own worst critic. "She's a piano teacher, she should know better!" But something a friend of mine said that has been echoing endlessly any time I have a quiet moment has really gnawed away at me. 


"I don't think I've ever really seen you play play."

And it's true. There are very few people who have really seen me play at the level that is to be expected of someone who's been playing classical piano for nearly three decades.  With a combination of that revelation and a large gaping hole inside me that dreadfully misses performing, I thought I'd stop waiting for the creation of a perfect project. I got this idea from another friend who said, "We practice all the time. Why not just set up a camera and see what we get?" 

This is what I got out of it. I am crossing my fingers that I don't hermit up and let my fear get the better of me. 

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